Personalized free-form single vision lens that, thanks to its state-of-the-art design, offer unparalleled visual quality

Personalized free-form single vision lens. Advanced design provides unparalleled visual quality.

The ideal lens to enjoy day to day, a day to day without limits that needs lenses that are up to it. Alioth Freesoul lenses were designed for modern lifestyles. The visual quality, clarity and comfort of these premium single vision lenses are impeccable which, added to the most advanced technologies that it has, make this lens the perfect one for active young people


• Impeccable visual quality, especially for high prescriptions and wrapped frames.
• Comfortable and accurate focusing at all distances.
• Near elimination of peripheral blur.
• Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices.


Those looking for the most innovative solutions. Active wearers with demanding visual tasks. Digitally connected wearers. Wearers with all types of prescription powers.


Revolt works in synergy with nature

It utilizes the innate power of the human eye to refine the optimization process for personalized lenses.

• Wider visual fields.
• Precise and comfortable vision.
• Optimized for accommodative object space.
• A more consistent wearer experience.
• Near elimination of peripheral blur.
• Superior visual quality with digital devices.

Superior image stability for more comfortable vision

Balance carefully controls the mean power of progressive lenses. Likewise, it dramatically reduces unnecessary mean power in the periphery, especially on both sides of the fitting cross.

• Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.
• Improves peripheral visual acuity in the distance.
• More stability and less swim effect.
• Strict control of mean power in distance area of the lens.

Better vision in all zones of the lens

Crystal takes into account the progressive design model. Lenses are personalized according to individual demands of each wearer

• Improved vision in distance, intermediate and near zones.
• Larger, clearer visual fields.
• High performance for high prescriptions & also for sport frames.
• Oblique aberrations.
• Minimization.

Pure geometrical method

Spherior produces lenses with similar optical performance as conventional progressive lenses, but with the advantages of the digital process, like flexible designs, variable corridor lengths and insets.

• Easy to be understood by opticians.
• Easy to measure the power and compare to prescription with conventional means.
• Variable Inset: Automatic and manual.
• Freedom in base curve selection.
• Nice entry-level digital lens.


A range of lenses designed based on sophisticated optometric algorithms, in collaboration with IOT, a multinational provider of revolutionary customized innovations to the global optical industry.

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